Feeling anxious sucks! I know that is not a news flash for you and, frankly, is not very clinical. But, it is the truth. Anxiety robs you of valuable time in your life, invades your sleep, creates havoc in relationships, and causes your polyvagal system to stay in an uproar.

You want relieve. You want to live your life mindful and present.

It is possible! The relieve you seek is just a click away.

We will work together to get you in control of your feelings:

  • Emotional Transformation Therapy
  • Yoga Movement Psychotherapy
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Expressive Arts
  • Neuro Nutrients
  • eClinic
  • Dragonfly Gatherings – support from like minded souls

You will:

  • Learn to believe in your Beautiful, BAD ASS Self!
  • Show up, Speak up, and Make no apologies!
  • Manifest a life where you feel ALIVE, Empowered and Confident.

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