Coaching Women Transformation

The kids are gone. Menopause is a constant reminder your body has changed. Relationships feel different. You have attained many of the goals you set for yourself. The mirror reflects you mother’s image. What in the hell has happened?

It seems you woke up one day and realized the life you so carefully orchestrated changed. It doesn’t seem to fit anymore. It is hard to pinpoint the exact issue. All you know is that your energy is off, brain fog has replaced clarity, and enthusiasm for life has fizzled a bit.

Please know, you aren’t alone. Far too many of us women of a certain age feel isolated and stuck in really heavy, retracted energy. It doesn’t have to stay like this.

You are an empowered, beautiful soul! Today is the day you choose to move from this retracted state to a beautiful light, expansive energy.

In our work together we are gonna FIRE YOUR ASS UP!

  • Find clarity
  • Embrace desire
  • Identify possibilities
  • Manifest fulfillment
  • Rediscover the magic!

You will:

  • Learn to believe in your Beautiful, BAD ASS Self – AGAIN!
  • Show up, Speak up, and Make no apologies!
  • Manifest a life where you feel ALIVE, Empowered and Confident

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