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The work you do is hard! Right? Did you ever believe it would kick your ass like it does? You drag yourself home in the evening blown away by the exhausting, draining day only to find there is no peace there. You can be honest here, this is not exactly what you expected as you worked your ass off and sacrificed to get through grad school. You wanted to help people. No one told you about the emotional and personal, cost of helping.

The joy is being blocked by the dread and exhaustion. Is this burn out? Vicarious trauma? Compassion fatigue? Or, perhaps, secondary traumatic stress? Whatever it is; it sucks!

Contrary to what your self-talk may be telling you, what you are experiencing is normal. There is absolutely no shame in needing help. Actually, it is quite the opposite. It means you are really good at what you do!

I think the articles below will help you wrap your head around this conundrum:

Enhancing Counselor Supervision Through Compassion Fatigue Education

Prevention Based Training for Licensed Professional Counselor Interns

There is HOPE! In your work with me you will grow to:

  • Understand the role empathy plays
  • Gain perspective
  • Set personal and professional boundaries
  • Understand “no” is a complete sentence
  • Assess all areas of your life to identify the energy drains
  • Learn sustainable self-care
  • Feel Revitalized
  • Look forward to each new day

You will:

  • Learn to believe in your Beautiful, BAD ASS Self!
  • Show up, Speak up, and Make no apologies!
  • Manifest a life where you feel ALIVE, Empowered and Confident.

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