It can happen before you know it! Seemingly, you wake up one morning and notice your spouse seems distant. It hits you that you know more about your Twitter feed than your spouse’s day. If this is the case, try these tips:


If you want to feel close to your beloved, you’ve got to be willing to be present. Intimate communication occurs when you are actively listening, actually hearing what your spouse is telling you. You’re able to attend to the feelings and true message of the communication. Most importantly, through this presence, you’re able to validate how your spouse is feeling and the need being communicated.


Your relationship needs oxytocin for bonding. It’s only happens by touching the one you love. Period. When you pass by your beloved let him know he matters by lovingly touching his arm. Beyond that, take the time to hug and kiss good-bye in the morning and hello in the evening. I don’t mean just a two second peck. I’m talking about a full body, ten second or more, hug and kiss. This gives the brain time to register what’s happening and dump the love hormones needed to strengthen your intimacy bond.


One must ponder, why we allow ourselves to take life so seriously that we lose playfulness? And, here’s a mind-blowing realization, being playful is FREE – it does not cost you a single penny! In your marriage, laughter and authentic playfulness are key ingredients for intimacy. Flirt with this person you chose to commit your life to! Get in tickle matches. Giggle. Hold hands and stroll in the rain. Cook together. Play with the fur babies together. The options are endless. You just have to make your marriage the priority.

Intimacy requires effort. But this effort is energy well spent. Our marriage is our home base. It needs to be an intimate and loving place to come home.

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