Life and Wellness Coaching

What exactly is a Life and Wellness Coach?

Are you feeling a bit restless? Maybe you feel like you know things need to change? Or you desire to be challenged to grow? As in Maslow’s Hierarchy, you have achieved one level and you are ready to continue in the name of reaching self-actualization.

If you find yourself restless in your career, things just seem flat, a Life coach can help you reignite the spark. Or, perhaps, personal relationships seem stressed or full of drama. A life coach can help you could gain juicy perspective.

Perhaps you have been eating unhealthy, having one too many glasses of wine, skipping exercise, and just feeling yukky inside and out. If this is the case, a wellness coach may be the answer.

The link below will flesh out these concepts for you:


Helping Professionals

Stressed? Feel like you gotta figure out a better way to help others?

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Women in Transformation

The kids are gone. Menopause is a constant reminder your body has changed. Relationships feel different. You have attained many of the goals you set for yourself. The mirror reflects you mother’s image. What in the hell has happened?

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Mindful Meditation

Are you racing through life? Has busy and numb become your new normal?

Click the link above to learn how to live an embodied, joyful life…

Neuro Nutrients for Mental Fitness

Learn how what you eat can not only make you feel better, it can make you THINK better!

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