Being a mental health professional is one tough occupation! All of your time is spent helping others or planning for helping others. You’re faced with decision, after decision. Often, at the end of the day, you find yourself completely exhausted. In fact, just figuring out the route to take home can feel overwhelming; let alone thinking about all the chores waiting on you once you get home. Some days do you wonder how you can carry on like this?

I’ve got some good news! You don’t have to live like this one moment longer! You can choose to adopt some healthy behaviors that can make your life a much more pleasant place to be. Keep reading to learn more.

Five Tips to Thrive

  1. Get your own therapist. You do have time and it is essential! Research backs up the importance of mental health professionals seeing their own therapist. You rock at empathy, right? Sure you do, that’s what makes you a good therapist! Did you know that as you’re connecting with your client and actively listening to her story, your brain does not know this is not your story. Wild, right? Your brain reacts as if this was your reality floods your body with all kinds of stress hormones to handle this “trauma.” So, this is one reason you feel so worn out after a long day of doing good therapy. To recover, you need a place to dump all of this stress and anxiety via your own therapy session. No time? Well, what could be more convenient than online counseling for that busy schedule?
  2. Set boundaries. Start your sessions on time. Collect your full fees at the beginning of session. End your sessions on time. Do your notes. No apologies. Boundaries will make or break you in the mental health field. You know this stuff. But it is essential you practice what you know. Take five minutes to assess how healthy your boundaries are. Choose one area to improve in over the next week. Healthy boundaries mean a happy mental health professional.
  3. No is a complete sentence. There’s really not much else to say. Why waste your time trying to come up with a pretty excuse you think the other party will like? This is a waste of your energy. You can’t control how the other party will respond to your no. You must use your no as you gut instinct tells you it is needed. The end result will be that you feel empowered and have more time for things you desire. And, don’t waste your energy on an apology. You don’t need to apologize for taking care of you.
  4. Communication. Again, you know this. You are a master at communication. Right? Sadly, you often forget to use all the wonderful communication skills you teach your clients. I invite you to observe your communication skills at work, home, and play over the next week. How would you rate yourself? Are you using your “I?” Are you being assertive? If you wanna thrive in this profession, you have to utilize assertive communication, regularly.
  5. Body + Mind + Soul = Self-Care. There I said the “s” word. The fact is, you cannot skimp on your self-care and stay healthy in this business. In all honesty, the first four tips are essential elements of healthy self-care. Good self-care is comprised of much more than pedicures and massages (but those can be wonderful). To master comprehensive self-care, you must assess where you are, determine what you need, develop a plan, and monitor weekly. This is a good task to complete with your online counselor during your weekly sessions.

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