Sustainable Self-Care Sandtray

Society is rather opinionated and flippant about the buzz word: self-care. But, you are a savvy woman, you know you need it, right? You make a stellar effort, then the next thing you know, you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed! Where the hell did self-care go? By the way side that’s where!

You see, it was not sustainable self-care. In your work with me, we are gonna dig deep to discover what you truly need and how to manage your self-care delivery system. You will assess every facet of your life in this process. A new depth of self-awareness will emerge. With this cool new tool you will answer be able to formulate a sustainable self-care plan based on the:

  • Whys?
  • What’s?
  • Who’s?
  • When’s?
  • How’s?

How glorious! No stone will remain unturned. This is sustainable self-care. Oh, and it is not for sissies, you will have to work for it! Awe, but we know you deserve this!

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